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welcome to casiopea's very epic site!!! 

welcome to my site, formerly known as the jelly mansion! my name is cas and I made this place. this is just my personal site where I'll post whatever I feel like posting. feel free to take a look around as I will try to update this site every once in a while ^_____^

the jelly mansion

i'll update this with info on the jelly mansion eventually...

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13/5/22 first update in like 2 months anyway I remade my about page it's much simpler now and has less useless info

18/3/22 added "my stamps" and "fanlistings" pages (both are done in the same style...maybe I'll keep simple/minimal pages in that style?) and now I'm planning on remaking the about page. sighs so hard.

17/3/22 new homepage layout!! it's a bit neater and doesn't take up as much space as my last layout. hope you guys like this one bc I like it a lot took me a while to put it together tho

31/1/22 not much, but I've updated my cookie run page a little bit!! working on it bit by bit...

8/1/22 redid the about page a little bit!! aka completely changed it (kept the layout and all but aesthetically its super different) and now it opens in a new tab. now it looks like u have a bunch of tabs open on ur computer lol. i think it's cute!! definitely looks better than the old layout which was very bland and meh

21/12/21 aannd added a characters page under a new links section specifically for my jelly mansion universe stories + ocs!!! there's still a few things that need to be added to the characters page like their icons n whatnot but i'll finish it eventually...

15/12/21 added a "thoughts" page. i'll write down the occasional thought that comes into my brain there. made that page mostly because there were things that I wanted to write but I didn't wanna update the journal page every 5 minutes lol

9/12/21 made a few more site buttons that don't say jelly mansion/just say casiopea
also just remade the art gallery page, it opens in the frame now

8/12/2021 made a cookie run page but just today I've added it to the front page links :] it's still a work in progress but go check it out if you'd like!

4/12/2021 added a "places of interest" page where I'll have short stories/descriptions of places in the jellyverse. enjoy :]

25/11/2021 edited the homepage intro thing, now we have a comment box and a little jelly mansion intro too!! might add or edit a few things later.

23/11/2021 new homepage layout!!!!!!! just realized its been a month since I made the old layout but I thought it was time for a newer, better one since the old one was too...plain. anyway I'm planning on remaking just a few pages so they can open in the iframe I added to the homepage (most likely my about page!!! and a few other things...maybe I don't need to make "the attic" page I can just add the links to home) anyway that's about it!! very happy with the outcome but I didn't notice how much time I had spent on coding the page its now 3 am. happy tuesday everyone...tuesday again? no problem
deleted the "attic" page and moved those links to the main page.

19/11/21 added "the attic", a place where I'll place just random stuff/pages from time to time (if I remember to)

11/11/21 haven't had an update in a while!! but I added a new page (which is still a wip) but it will be about the story behind the jelly mansion. it will go in the links sidebar once i'm finished with it...

02/11/21, slightly changed the about page, changed it into 2 columns instead of just one box. think it looks better? may add more to that page soon...
added the art gallery page! I'll display my art on there. go check it out!

31/10/21 happy halloween!! changed the journal page...added a few backgrounds to things

28/10/21 changed around the main page a little bit..removed the left column so now there's two columns! i think the next thing I'm gonna do is add more images/gifs and etc. since I feel like the page is a little bare atm

26/10/21 redesigned the journal page! thinking of redesigning this homepage but i'll think about it for a little bit

25/10/21 added the journal page like 2 days ago but I'm thinking of remaking the page layout and make it more organized...i'm sorta figuring out how I wanna do that right now

24/10/21 added the about page! i have updated it a couple times throughout the day but i'm content with how it looks right now

23/10/21 jelly mansion v.2 homepage! new layout...i'm liking this one a whole lot more than the last! rip to the old one you will (not) be missed. still adding a few things here and there, a lot of images on the front page are still placeholders until i find or make something better! hopefully i can stay motivated and update this site as often as i can