• name: casiopea
  • nickname(s): cas, cupid
  • age: 18
  • pronouns: it/she/nya
  • orientation: lesbian
  • species: lizard
  • status: taken!

hi nice to meet you i'm casiopea

I'm the lizard running this site. I'm pretty average at coding but I wanted to make a place for myself on this wide web. So, welcome to my site! And welcome to my about page.

There's nothing much interesting about me -- I spend most of my time on my computer either drawing or talking to my friends. When I'm not on my computer I'm playing silly rhythm games on my phone. I'm not very good at them but that doesn't stop me from playing them. Aside from drawing and playing rhythm games, I LOVE to look at images!!! I collect images on pinterest and tumblr dot com. And by the way I look like this.

As you can probably tell I love cookie run! I don't play as often anymore (because I hate the new UI ovenbreak has so much. it genuinely fills me with rage) but I still very much love the characters, especially fig cookie. I am very attached to them. You could say they are a comfort character of sorts. I also have a few other favs, and you can find em here at my cookie run shrine.

Another major interest of mine are isopods!!! I fucking love isopods they're the most crustaceans ever. I saw and pet a bathynomus giganteus on 5/6/2022 and it changed my life forever. I'm mostly interested in the tiny terrestrial isopods, or what's commonly reffered to as a rolly polly or a pill bug. I keep a few armadillidium vulgare (your common rolly polly) in a little terrarium I have, but I'd love to have more in the future!

also do not refer to me as queer. it makes me uncomfortable. just call me a nonbinary lesbian.

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The pictured frog, a Red-Banded Rubber Frog, releases a milky toxic substance through its skin, and is toxic to both humans and other frogs.

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