name casiopea/cupid (or cas for short)
age 18 (nov. 1)
pronouns it/she + others
typology intp 5w4 true neutral
zodiac scorpio sun, aquarius moon, capricorn rising


interests mp100, jjba (specifically part 2), bungou stray dogs, dorohedoro, golden kamuy, chainsaw man, saiki k., genshin impact, cookie run (kingdom + ovenbreak), d4dj, bandori, world flipper, sanrio, stickers + stationery, cats, isopods, cute decorated cakes, bugs, rainy/stormy weather, making art, my ocs ...etc.
music talking heads, oingo boingo, XTC, devo, depeche mode, the cure, cocteau twins, paralisis permanente, yellow magic orchestra, casiopea, loona, tatsuro yamashita, junko yagami, meiko nakahara, ippu-do, chakra, yurie kokubu, anri, + a whole lot of others
fav characters suzi q, doppo kunikida (bsd), edgar allen poe (bsd), teruki hanazawa, aren kuboyasu, kaiman, noi, xingqiu, fischl, bennett, hu tao, butch (animal crossing), pompompurin, heracross, fig cookie, beam (csm), power, gorou, la signora
intro hi i'm cas, maker of the jelly mansion. I have very limited coding skills I tried my very best on this site. I have a few interests, yes I'm a cookie run and genshin liker and etc but I promise I am normal about my interests. I like making art (occasionally. when I'm motivated) and listening to music (send me reccommendations!!). I'm also a lizard & neurodivergent and etc. I love overusing the hell out of emojis (ironically, of course..haha) and just speaking nonsense really.