once a beautiful and radiant entity, it has gone into hiding within its realm and seems to have deteriorated quite a bit. its skin has a stone-like colour and texture, and the tips of its hair glows green with moss. its clothes have turned to rags, and wrapped around its waist is a glimmering silver-like string of tear-shaped crystals.

it was once a powerful mage adorned with robes with fabric that seemed to be shimmering and flowing like a velvet stream. it loved to wear jewelery, and as it roamed the hallways of its large palace you would always hear the clink-clink of its accessories jangling and tinkling against each other. it was very skilled at magic and incantations, and with this it created its famous jelly mansion, a place of rest for interdimensional and interrealm travels. but after an altercation with a once beloved friend, it went into hiding and locked itself within its realm, never to be seen or heard of ever again. there are whispered rumours and alleged sightings of it visiting the jelly mansion in recent times, but they are just rumours, and otherwise nobody has sighted this entity in at least two centuries, save for the occasional mail delivery entity who may be lucky enough to even catch a glimpse of it!

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