if you step inside the post office of realm 4 sector 7, you will find josie hard at work organizing boxes and sorting mail into containers. other than working inside her post office, she delivers mail and packages within her assigned realm sector. each post office is assigned a realm sector (for josie, it's sector 7 -- description: cold realms / realms that look and feel lonely or abandoned with few inhabitants) and they must carry out their job of delivering within that sector. due to the climate of the realms she visits, josie wears her I.D.M.S. cold weather uniform and travels on her I.D.M.S. snowmobile.

josie is an otherwise cheerful character, she carries out her tasks without a complaint and is courteous to all those who ask for her help. she'll do whatever, and I mean whatever it takes to deliver mail safely and on time. she's not someone to be messed with.

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