a centipede cursed to live within a library for eternity. since its form has been restrained, it must divide its power and energy between 3 entities: the librarian (main form), and two centipede-like creatures: kitty and bunny. think of the centipede-like creatures as extensions of itself, as extra eyes and ears. these centipede creatures are often the ones looking after the library itself, and doing the jobs such as maintaining the books and keeping the place clean.

the librarian's power has also been restrained somewhat, so instead of adopting its original giant centipede form it must take the form of something that is easier to maintain and takes up less energy: a young humanoid girl. it still keeps some characteristics of a centipede so as not to lose its sense of self. the librarian itself does nothing other than sit at its grand desk reading books all day, since there's not much else to do. it can go and explore the library, but there's a good chance it might get lost since the library is infinite so it leaves the exploring to its "pets" kitty and bunny. it only travels to areas it knows well enough, which are between the aisles 0 - 7832.

the librarian rarely gets visitors so if you ever come to the library for whatever reason, make sure it doesn't get attached to you. it has a tendency to eat entities it becomes too attached to.

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