WELCOME TO MY LIZARD PAGE!!! I love drawing lizards so so so much and it's something I do whenever I have art block or don't know what else to draw. I will just draw lizards. Here I will explain a bit about my lizards and what they are, and give you a chance to make your own! Click on Raven to go back to the characters page.


A Lizard is any lizard-shaped creature with features that are not usually seen on a regular lizard. All Lizards have horns, hair on their heads and a mane that extends to the middle of their necks, forked tongues, floppy ears, and three digits on each foot/paw. They have a gecko-like build: usually chubby bodies, thick tails, and smooth-ish looking body that is rough to the touch. Any Lizard that deviates from this norm and has different features than an ordinary lizard are classified as odd. Odd lizards have likely evolved to fit in with their environment, such as having long and thick fur for hot climates. They could also have these sorts of features for cosmetic purposed with no real reason to them other than it looks nice.


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Ordinary Lizard traits: They have all the standard Lizard traits/form. Other features that ordinary Lizards can have are:

  • shaped pupils
  • fangs
  • shaped tailtips
  • different tail lengths
  • different body types
  • rounded or sharp forked tongues
  • short claws

Odd Lizard traits: These are Lizards with one or more features classified under the 'odd' label. Traits they may have are as follows:

  • different skin textures (ex: scaly skin/fur)
  • multiple horns (more than 2) or just one horn
  • differently shaped ears (ex: upright standing ears, cat-like ears, ears that are flopped over)
  • modified tail (anything other than a standard lizard tail)
  • multiple sets of eyes or just one eye
  • longer claws
  • small wings on any part of their body (includes multiple wings)
  • glowing body parts
  • halos of any sort
  • antennas (like a bug!)
  • multiple limbs or tails


You can make your own and make as many as you'd like!!! As long as you follow the traits listed under the ordinary and odd lizards sections your lizard is officially a Lizard!

"Cas what's the difference between a Lizard and any other dragon-like lizard character" Theres no difference other than the name. That's it. If you'd like to classify your dragon-like lizard character as a Lizard then you're more than welcome to.

*future me will insert a little Lizard base here so you can make your own :)*


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lizard mascot


  • Lizard Name: Raven
  • Created By: Casiopea
  • Date Created: 11/7/2021
  • About this Lizard: the mascot of a Lizard group thing I made for all of my lizards. his name was originally emo lizard because I didn't know what to name him lol. he loves to claim he's half demon half vampire half wolf etc etc.

my lizards!!


  • Lizard Name: Cupid
  • Adopted By: Casiopea
  • Date Adopted: 13/6/2018
  • About this Lizard: used to be my main sona for a while but I've retired her!! she is my first lizard.


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