hello and welcome to the jelly mansion! my name is cas and I made this place. don't mind the dust, I'm still working on fixing up a few things. this place is a continuous work in progress so you'll see things change around a few times.

why don't you take a look around?

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 what is the jelly mansion?

well, what exactly is the jelly mansion? it seems like such an odd place, a decrepit little cafe seemingly still in business on a bustling, modern street. there's one singular wooden sign on the front door and on it is etched 'open for business!' with nothing else to show that the building was still in use. hell, people on the street didn't even seem to notice the place even existed. so what was the jelly mansion, really?

curious yourself, you decided to walk into the place and take a look around. perhaps you could unravel the mystery behind this strange cafe, whatever it might be. the first strange thing you noticed, possibly the most obvious, was that everything inside the building was outdated and looked like it had been sitting there for ages collecting dust. if it was a new establishment, shouldn't things look clean and modern? there was nothing to show that this place had existed long before anything else on the street, so it was new, wasn't it?

the second odd thing you noticed was that the waiters weren't human, instead, they were all creatures seemingly made out of jelly. they were soft and squishy and you could see right through them, just as you would with regular jelly. gelatin creatures definitely weren't logical and did not exist in the real world. so what world had you just walked into?