welcome to my 100% totally accurate isopod quiz!! just answer a few questions and I will assign you an isopod
based on your answers.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Anywhere at all.
Someplace with or near my friends/family.
Somewhere near the sea.
In a forest, or up in the mountains.
Somewhere in or near a city.
I like where I live!

What do you do when you have some free time?
Go through my to-do list and work on anything that needs to be finished.
Any sort of activity that involves staying at home.
Spend time on my hobbies.
Hang out with friends!
Go out somewhere fun or do whatever comes to mind.
Take a loooong nap.

Choose an animal you like/relate to the most.

How do you deal in a difficult situation?
Completly panic at first since I don't know what to do, but slowly calm down as I handle the situation.
Keep to myself for a while and think about how to handle the problem.
Stay calm and be patient, since things will usually work themselves out.
Let myself feel any emotions that come up, it's better than bottling them down.
Support the people around me and make sure they're safe first before tending to my own needs.
Do the first thing that comes to mind, since there's no time to really think about anything else.

Which of these items brings you the most comfort?
A beloved and worn stuffed animal, it makes me feel safe and reminds me that things will be okay.
A journal and a pen, since I can write or draw any thoughts that come to mind without judgement.
Colorful stickers, since I've been collecting these for ages and each page of stickers has some sort of
memory/story attached to it.
A weighted blanket, if anything happens I can cover myself with it and feel a crushing yet comfortable
pressure upon me.
A toy/figure I got forever ago, it's no longer my favorite character but even so, it's still important to me.
My phone/computer, since it has so many useful and valuable things stored within it. Without it I'd be nowhere.

Which of these is your greatest fear?
Losing my sense of self/purpose and completely forgetting who I am.
Losing someone close to me in some sort of way.
Having to take responsibility for myself despite not knowing what to do.
Being held back from doing something I love.
Not being able to think and speak for myself.
Being constantly judged on every little thing I do.

What kind of weather do you prefer?
Warm and sunny summer or spring days.
Sunny, cloudless days with a nice cool breeze.
Any kind of weather is fine with me: rain, snow, or sun!
Cool and cloudy is the best kind of weather.
Rainy or stormy days where I can sit inside and listen to the rain against the window.
Warm weather with lots of clouds in the sky.